Domestic Home Boarding

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Let your dogs enjoy tender loving care....

while you enjoy your holiday

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Mutlins @ Graylands

What about Insurance?


Your dog will be covered by our third party liability insurance whilst with us. We do recommend that you have pet insurance for any health care costs.

Do we need to arrange an initial meeting?


Yes. It is important that we meet to ensure you are happy with the arrangements and that your dog is introduced to our dogs. If you are happy with the arrangements we will require a booking form and deposit to guarantee you the assigned days.

What if my dog becomes ill on holiday?


If your dog is not well while staying with us we will contact you, or your chosen emergency contact, immediately to discuss treatment options. We will endeavour to take them to your regular vet if located nearby. Alternatively, we will take them to our vet.

Do you provide Day Care?


Yes. This service is great and welcomed by our busy customers. If you are having a busy time or need to go away for a long day we will take care of your dog throughout the day. Price on application.

Will you exercise my dog whilst on holidays?


Yes. We will exercise your dog off lead in our secure garden and paddock for at least one hour a day. In good weather your dog will probably be in the garden most of the day with us. Whilst in our care your dog will have plenty of socialization and fun because they will interact with other “canine friends”.

How do I book my dog on a holiday?


Please contact us via phone or email to check availability. If we can accommodate your request you will need to complete the booking form so we can reserve space and prepare  for your dogs holiday.


What do I need to provide for my dog?


You do not need to bring anything, however if their is a special blanket or toy that you think will make your dog more at home then please bring it.

Who are the Carers?


Your dogs will be looked after as part of our family by Jackie and Mike the business owners, with the support of Jon our son. We are all very experienced carers with many years of dog management between us.  

How many dogs will you care for at one time?


We are licensed to care for eight dogs at a time, in peak season we will have eight boarding dogs but at other times of the year we try to limit ourselves to five.

Do you need to see proof of vaccinations?


Yes. We need to check that your dog has a current vaccination certificate.

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