Domestic Home Boarding

  Dogs love it...........

Let your dogs enjoy tender loving care....

while you enjoy your holiday

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Mutlins @ Graylands

The business is owned and run by Jackie and Mike Vickers. Who have many years experience of caring for dogs. Now retired from working in a professional capacity with people, for which they were both well qualified, they are putting their skills to use working with their favourite four legged friends.

"Having dogs for many years we have reluctantly had to use a number of Kennels. The journey to the kennels was always so difficult, and the anxiety whilst away on holiday often took the edge off our breaks. So we decided to follow our passion providing a real holiday home for your dogs."

Once you have visited, before you book, you will then relax and look forward to your holiday without feeling any pangs of guilt about kennelling  your dog.  

Our Philosophy

We are committed to creating the best Dog Boarding facilities in the country and are determined to ensure your dog relaxes and enjoys their stay with us as much as you enjoy your holiday.


We have trained to be life coaches with humans in our previous work lives but are now undertaking training in Dog Psychology. Jackie is also training to be a professional groomer and has her own spa and grooming salon on site.  We want to provide your dog with a five star service, so whilst you are enjoying your break they are also having the time of their life.


We believe dogs live in the moment and need strong pack leadership. We aim to meet their three basic needs for Exercise, Discipline and Affection. This means they quickly attach themselves to us and relax.


We are very careful when first meeting a dog to observe the dog etiquette. To allow the dog to come to us, not to give eye contact and to maintain a calm assertive energy, this we have also found helps them to relax much more




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